“you will not find new oceans without the courage to loose sight of the coast”

Challenge yourself to achieve your goals -what is stopping you?

Your coach will accompany you in your personal and professional development, always respecting your needs.
Increase your optimism and motivation, boost your performance and improve your skills.


Who are we?

is a platform created by professionals dedicated to the area of personal growth, stress management and the overall wellbeing of body and mind.

We use the methodology of coaching to help people improve their capabilities and skills on a personal as well as a professional level.

Our team of professionals is highly qualified and specialised in the areas of coaching, consulting and training. They are a young, dynamic and optimistic team, who are continually improving their qualifications, skills and knowledge and who combine their understanding with an innovative vision.

Natàlia Mir
Bachelor of Teaching therapeutics at the University of Barcelona. Postgraduate Education at UB Emotional Education Science Postgraduate and Master of Leadership and Coaching Staff, UB Psychology. Courses and workshops PNL.

Professional background: Consultant and trainer at companies such as Seat, Bimbo, and other Bautermic group CIRSA for 4 years. Dynamic of the General Department of Justice of the Generalitat of Catalonia; work of social skills and cognitive capacities with several internal issues of different prisons and 4 years to 4 more men to women.

I believe in opportunity, in the freedom of individuals to choose the life they want and be happy. Can I be your coach to achieve your own personal mission. I am a passionate, lively and enthusiastic, and my motivation will make us the best plan for your life: that t'estimuli and t'ompli. The world can not change but I am responsible for my attitude and this depends on me. Want to be happy or be right?

Carme Castro
Senior Computer Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Master in Business & Technology for Salle. Postgraduate and Masters in Leadership and Coaching Staff, Department of Psychology, University of Barcelona.

Professional with 25 years experience in business organizations from several perspectives: Consultant information systems, director of information systems services company, manager of business services and business today.

My experience and management style, which I enjoy creating and fostering team professional development of all staff •, has helped to discover that now is my big goal, coach.

My goal as a coach is:
• Contribute to the directors enhance their leadership skills in two areas: personal leadership and leadership teams.
• Contribute to creating high performance teams.
The combination of both are essential to achieve the professional challenges that businesses are currently.

Cristina Freixa
Graduated in Psychology at the University of Barcelona. Degree in Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Barcelona. Postgraduate and Masters in Coaching and Personal Leadership in the UB. MA in Clinical Psychology at ISEP.

Consultant and trainer specializing in training id'habilitats Companies. Development and project management training in different environments: business, academic, and social health.

The training enables a space and a time to "meet with one." A place where you can reflect and be aware of who I am, what I do and what I need or want to improve.
Share and work in our group experiences, doubts, fears and difficulties is a very enriching experience that can not be achieved on an individual basis: The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

My goal is not to teach you to control the environment or to people but to guide you without any knowledge al'auto 'self. Personal leadership is the best resort to feel free and happy and to improve our personal and professional relationships.


Generally speaking, coaching is an art form. Art that can help us to sculpt and mould our personality and way of life. It allows us to grow, gain self knowledge and consequently acquire the desired results. It allows us becoming better in various areas of life. -Take control of your life + Direct your life + Guide your life.

- better comunication with others
- achieve milestones and goals
- plan the future
- be who you want to be
- know how to prioritize
- confront life, courage
- stress management

believes in change, in positive growth of a person, in new posibilities in life. These concepts will accompany you if you decide to clarify, change or improve your personal and profesional level.

- I feel well, but I want to feel better
- Increase of trust in oneself and others and improve your self esteem
- I always prioritise the job instead of my family and health, I do not feel well.
- Improve to express yourself and communicate. Say what you want and what you don´t want
- Questions with new answers
- Improve your deficiencies
- Be more effective. Become better at resolving problems and overcoming difficulties
- Clear goals and objectives
- Know how to prioritize
- Improve your inner communication
- I am not happy with this job, I wanted to be/do….
- My personal relationships do not work
- I cannot accept critics from other people
- I want to explore my talent, but I lack self esteem

Values emocionaT

The values of emocionaT are our profesionality, responsibilities and motivation to bring out the very best in each and every person in able to make a better world.

Our main goal is to achieve your goal. By helping to gain self knowledge, control over your emotions and developing certain skills we hope to provide you with a better equilibrium in your everyday life.

We are conscious that every day more people are in search of a better and more balanced life, especially in their health, familiy and work environment.

How we work

will acompany you during your journey, in your process, unravelling limiting beliefs and make you consciously see your inner self and what you want from your life.

will ensure that you develop your own emotional skills, competence and personal leadership.

An agreement between the client and the coach is determined, where the desired goals are established, a plan of action is developed and the progress is evaluated. The relationship beteween the coach and the client is one of trust and absolute confidentiality.

Why should I have a coach?

A coach will help you understand the values and beliefs we have in questioning our lives, what makes us grow and what obstacles limit us. A coach helps you achieve exemplary changes which the person must undertake in order to advance, in an unconscious and competent manner. Your coach will accompany you on your journey towards excellence.

A coach will help you to think in distinct ways, see new and different ways of acting, opening new options, alternatives, giving you that first little push in the directions you always have wanted to go.

A coach will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Create new posibilities and allows for extrordinary results; yours!

Coaching provides you with tools for your daily life, like saying “no”, how to communicate, how to improve….

Are you truly the person you want to be?

- live the life you want
- you will not feel alone about your fears, doubts, dreams…
- s/he observes and listens, supports you, accompanies you in your decisions
- Would you like to feel accompanied in your new life?


Life Coaching: "It's never too late to be who really want to be"

Aimed at men, women, teenagers, parents and Singel.

People who want to take charge of your life, wishing to provide the direction and balance. People wanting to know better and gaining internal security, and clarity autocofiança no where dirigueixen.

- Live the life you want and how you decide

- You will feel heard, supported, and relaxed together in your dreams, doubts and decisions.

- Leave behind your beliefs and flow limiters being yourself, these are the aim of life: happiness.

Each client has a unique and confidential and we are aware and we adapt.

-Are you really who you be?

Executive Coaching: "if you create an event create a habit, if you create a character create a habit, if you create a character create your own destiny"

Executive Coaching:
Aimed at self-employed, managers, intermediate commands that want to develop the skills to enhance their professional performance and personal satisfaction.

Coaching team:
Aimed at companies that want high-performance computers to increase their potential and business results with an improvement in the relationships of the human team.

- Get your goals
- Detect and develop the skills you need
- Increase your score
- Manage your personal and professional life.


Training: "increases your wisdom by taking consiència of who you are"

Sensation believe in people and we are committed to a concept of education centered on the personal.

Work to get our students to do independent, so that could apply what they learn in the classroom in their real life contexts.
To achieve this, we use a methodology based on the substance and techniques of coaching and therefore focused on the person on the forefront of training are the students and their needs for improvement..

Apply different teaching resources, and always dynamic experience, with the aim of helping people to think, in order that they become aware of themselves and increase their level of self-knowledge.

We don't explain techniques, and give recipes, we develop skills.

We work in two areas:
-Development of skills and competences

Design activities, responds to the specific needs of each client.

Ask yourself

“It is never too late to be the person you want to be”

- Do you want to have closer relationships and feel more joy and happiness in love? with your partner? with your family? in your work environment?
- Your escence, values, passion, emotions- where are they?
- Do you want people to consider you?
- Do you remember what you truly enjoyed doing, feeling? Get it back!
- Who were you as a child? Do you recognise yourself?
- Would you like to have someone at your side to express your doubts, weaknesses, dreams? And who helps you to become the person you want to be?
- Do you lack courage?
- Do you lack self esteem?

- When will you achieve what you want? / Until when will you put off what you like?

Set your mind free of thoughts ...Today can be a good day, let´s go/start!


Where are we: 12 Verdaguer & Callís St, 1st floor. 08003 Barcelona.

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